African fabric ideas for home interior design

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Wax prints in a broad range of designs and styles


Adding shades and designs can have an huge effect on your home interior if we are to listen to Adrienne Chinn, “Home Decorator’s Color & Texture Bible.”‘s author. Ethnical fabric styles ought to be thoroughly decided on to supplement current designs and color themes in inside home areas. That is great news, because there are truly thousands of African fabrics designs and designs which will give a vibrant touch to your deco! These can be created from cotton fabrics such as real wax, super wax, kente cloths or from cotton brocades for a more subtle embroidered touch.
African fabric Pillow cases

African fabric Pillow cases


Analyze the variety of African textile patterns

From the Northern African Berbers to the Zulus in South Africa, there has been built a huge variety of African fabric styles and identities which can be used for interior design. You can find some great examples of African inspired interior decors in books such as Alisa LaGamma’s “The Essential Art of African Textiles: Design Without End,” and published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which exhibits a few of the greatest African fabric styles and describes their cultural background.

African fabric Home Decor

African fabric Home Decor


Locate a good African fabric importer or wholesaler

Ideally, you will want to find a wholesaler or an importer with a wide range of choice. The thing is these sellers usually sell large quantities. You can also visit some brick and mortar shops to get a feel for the fabrics, but ideally, once you have found a good online shop, you will find that they usually have more choice and better prices.

African fabric Home Design


Embellishing African fabrics


The best part about hand-crafted items is the ability to customize. Creative fabric manipulation includes such techniques as hand embroidery, beading, and rubber stamping. Sewing machine embroidery options include thread painting, machine couching, and thread-lace grid. “Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond,” by Ruth Chandler, offers a wide selection of fabric embellishment options and instructions.
All of these require special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Here are a few tips:
Wax prints: May be machine washed or washed by hand with warm water. Our Wax prints are of the very highest quality and do not lose color or run. For ironing your wax prints please use the cotton setting.
Woodin: Our Woodin fabrics can be hand or machine washed at no hotter than 40C and they will not run. For ironing your Woodin cloth please  use the cotton setting.
 African Lace: Wash with cold water, highly recommended by hand. By machine it could damage the lace details. Iron once again with the cotton setting.

Purchase pre-made pillow cushions

If you are not interested in custom sewing cushions there are a variety of home decoration shops and retail furnishing departments that carry cushions that include African style sofa cushion designs. Cultural Elements is one on-line retailer that sales ethnic or cultural style pillows such as mudcloth fabric design pillows.


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African style ethnic home decor

African style ethnic home decor

Ethnic African home interior decor tips

Ethnic African home interior decor tips


Here are a few fabrics which may be suited for your home interior (warm colors and earth tones focus):




















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